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Committee Contacts

Conference Chair:

Prof. Allan MacDonald

University of Texas Austin, USA

Secretary General

Prof. Liesl Folks

University at Buffalo, USA


Dr. Julie Borchers


Prof. Petru Andrei

Florida State University, USA

Program Chair

Dr. Mark Stiles


Associate Program Chairs

Prof. Dr. Laura Heyderman

Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

Prof. Hideo Ohno

Tohoku University, Japan

Prof. Leon Balents

University of California Santa Barbara, USA

Industry Liaison

Dr. Tiffany Santos

Western Digital

Publication Co-Chairs

Thomas Thomson

University of Manchester, UK

Hari Srikanth

University of South Florida, USA

Publicity Chair

Philip Pong

The University of Hong Kong

Student Awards and Travel Chair

Barry Zink

University of Denver

Conference Manager

Molly Bartkowski

Exhibits Manager

Jennifer Fiske

Abstracts and Publications Manager

Regina Mohr