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Student Presentation Awards

Supported by Evico Magnetics

This award recognizes and encourages excellence in graduate studies in the field of magnetism. The winner will receive a $1,000 USD one-year fellowship and the remaining finalists will receive a $250 USD one-year fellowship.

Conference attendees are encouraged to attend the Student Award Presentation Session and Networking Reception on Thursday, July 19 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm in Room 160 of the Moscone Center, Level 3, to hear the finalists’ talks and to support these young scientists.


  • The nominee must be a full time graduate/undergraduate student at the time that abstract submissions are due.
  • The student's area of research may either be theoretical or experimental in any of the general technical and scientific areas normally presented as part of the 2018 ICM Conference.
  • The student's regularly submitted abstract must be accepted for presentation through the normal abstract review process by the 2018 ICM Program Committee, and the student must present the work at the Conference. Do not wait for an acceptance notification before submitting the student award application package.


  • A group of five finalists will be selected based on the submitted abstract and the award package described below. The applications will be reviewed by a team of judges with diverse specialties in magnetism. The judges will not only evaluate the contributions to this specific project but more generally the promise of the student for a career in magnetism. During the conference, student finalists will attend and present a 10-minute talk at a special 1-hour evening session. This will be in addition to their regularly scheduled talk or poster. The first place winner will be selected from the group of finalists based on this talk.

Student Awards Application Procedure

  • Students must submit an abstract to the 2018 ICM Conference according to the standard submission guidelines and deadlines as outlined under Abstract Submissions. Please DO NOT identify the abstract as part of the student award competition in the text of the abstract. The 2018 ICM abstract deadline is March 2, 2018.
  • Students must also submit by March 16, 2018 an extended 2-page abstract (including optional figures and/or references) of their presentation, which should include a clear, concise description of:
    • The already submitted abstract number, along with an identical title and author list
    • The aim of the research and its relationship to the status of the field
    • The applicant’s specific contributions to the project and how they demonstrate exceptional ability and future promise
    • The significant results of the research and how they relate to the specific research area and the broader materials field
    • Status of any relevant publications authored by the applicant
  • Applications MUST be submitted via email as .pdf attachments. Fax or mail submissions will not be considered. The email containing the student award application must have a subject line that reads "STUDENT AWARD - <APPLICANTS NAME> ". Please do not include CVs or other documents.
  • Submit applications via email to the 2018 ICM Conference Awards Chairs, Julia Mundy and Alexander Grutter at


Jiarui Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Y8-04 Imaging Scale-invariant Magnetic Textures in a Strongly Correlated Oxide

Alejandro Ruiz, University of California at Berkeley
B14-06 Hidden Ferromagnetism in the Kitaev Honeycomb Iridates

Lourdes Marcano Prieto, Universidad del País Vasco
L1-11 On the Magnetic Anisotropy of Co-doped Magnetosome Chains

Michael Harder, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
Q2-08 Level Attraction and Synchronization in Hybridized Magnon-Photon Systems

Libor Šmejkal, Johannes Gutenberg University
G6-01 Classification of Topological Antiferromagnets for Spintronics