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The Conference sessions will be organized under the following topics:
  1. Topic 1: Strongly Correlated Electrons Systems (SCES)
    1. Superconductivity and Magnetism
    2. Topological states in strongly correlated electron systems
    3. Heavy fermion systems and Kondo physics including spin, charge and orbital degrees of freedom
    4. Quantum spin liquids
    5. Non-Fermi liquids, quantum criticality and metal-insulator transitions
    6. Non-equilibrium physics in SCES, including mesoscopic Kondo and non-equilibrium pump-probe states
    7. Theory of strongly correlated electron systems
    8. New Developments
  2. Topic 2: Spin-Systems and Magnetic Structures
    1. One dimensional magnetism
    2. Molecular magnetism
    3. Highly frustrated magnetism
    4. Spin liquid phases of interacting spin systems
    5. Magnetic theory and simulation of quantum and classical systems
    6. Spin structure, electronic structure, and transport properties
    7. Multiferroics
    8. Magnetic interactions and magnetic phase transitions
  3. Topic 3: Spintronics, Magnetization Dynamics, and Micromagnetics
    1. Spin transport phenomena: AMR, GMR, TMR, STT, SMR, etc.
    2. Tunnel junctions and spin-torque nano-oscillators
    3. Spin-orbit torques and spin-charge conversion
    4. Spin caloritronics
    5. Electric field effects on magnetic systems and voltage controlled switching
    6. Magnetic semiconductors
    7. Semiconductor and organic spintronics
    8. Antiferromagnetic spintronics
    9. Domain wall dynamics
    10. Vortex and skyrmion dynamics
    11. FMR and spinwaves dynamics
    12. Ultrafast magnetization dynamics and terahertz spintronics
  4. Topic 4: Nanomagnetism
    1. Advanced synthesis of magnetic thin films and multilayers
    2. Anisotropy engineering of magnetic thin films and multilayers
    3. Novel applications of magnetic thin films and multilayers
    4. Surface and interface effects
    5. Exchange bias and exchange springs
    6. Theory and modeling of nanomagnetic systems
    7. Thin film and hybrid nanostructures
    8. Arrays of magnetic nanostructures including artificial spin ice
    9. Advanced synthesis, characterization and modelling of nanoparticles
    10. Diagnostic biomedical applications of MNPs
    11. Therapeutic (including "theranostic") biomedical applications of MNPs
    12. Non-biomedical applications of nanoparticles
    13. Magnetic nanowires and nanotubes
    14. Manetophotonics and magnetoplasmonics
  5. Topic 5: Magnetic Materials and Technologies
    1. Hard magnetic materials
    2. Soft magnetic materials and magnetic shielding
    3. Materials for Energy applications
    4. Novel materials for sensors, half-metallic ferromagnets ,antiferromagnets and magnetic oxides
    5. Magnetic molecules and organics for bio-applications of magnetism
    6. Measuring techniques and instrumentation
    7. Magnetic devices for information storage and processing